Raw Single-Hive Honey - "Creamy Buckfast" - Half Pint (11 oz)

Raw Single-Hive Honey - "Creamy Buckfast" - Half Pint (11 oz)


"Creamy Buckfast" is a darker colored honey from the 2021 season with a smooth creamy texture and hints of fruit. It gets its darker color from late summer blooms like Goldenrod. Half pint jars contain at least 11 ounces (weight) of single hive/not blended raw honey from our hives onsite.

  • Product Details

    Each of our unique honeys comes from hives located on the farm.  Our honey is harvested, filtered, and bottled.  It is raw honey - which means we do not treat or heat the honey in any way for packaging.  Raw honey retains its nutritional benefits and may help relieve symptoms of pollen allergies.  We do not use any chemical treatments on our honey bee hives. 

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    All of our products can be picked up at our farm.  We are happy to arrange free delivery when possible.  Select items may be shipped for an added cost - please contact us for details.

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    Please select cash payment on pickup/delivery in checkout if possible.  $20 minimum order preferred for credit card and PayPal payments due to processing fees.  Thank you for your understanding.