Why does your honey taste so good?

Our honey is harvested, filtered, and bottled - one hive at a time.  We never blend honey from different hives.  Although this sounds simple - it is actually more work to manage each individual harvest.  But this is all worth it as it allows us to capture the unique qualities that each honey obtains from the terroir and season - just like fine wine.

Many people have never tasted locally-produced raw honey.  Store bought honeys that are produced commercially are almost always heated/pasteurized in order to increase liquid shelf life and help prevent it from crystalizing.  This essentially cooks the honey, removes many of the natural health benefits of the raw honey, and is why most store bought honeys taste the same.

What do you grow?

Our products include raw honey, black walnut syrup, free range eggs, pastured chicken, seasonal fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables.  Everything is produced right here on our farm.  The honey bees take full advantage of the wide variety of flowers and trees in our valley, creating a mix of different colored honeys with wonderfully unique flavors across the season. Our mixed flock of beautiful hens has the run of the farm (with some limits) giving their cackle berries (aka eggs) bright yolks and improved nutrient density.  The wild and cultivated fruits and vegetables we nurture are sure to bring something special to your table.

Is your produce chemical free?

We focus on organic and regenerative agriculture and use heirloom and non-GMO seeds for our produce.  Our regenerative agriculture efforts are intended to improve soil health and structure naturally by increasing organic matter, water retention, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity; thereby reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.  We provide our flocks with organic feed supplements when necessary.

My honey has crystalized.  What do I do?

Raw honey from Meadows Honey Homestead will crystalize over time.  Some of our customers prefer it this way as it is easier to spread like jam.  Crystalizing is natural for raw honey and there is nothing wrong with it.  Simply place your jar of honey in a pan of warm water on the counter or stove and the warmth from the water will turn the honey back to liquid.  Just be patient as it may take some time.  You can also gently warm the honey on the stove but be very careful to not get it too hot or boil the honey.  This is one of the reasons that we use glass jars for all of our honeys - it makes rewarming easier.  We never recommended using a microwave to de-crystalize your honey as this will cook it.

My jar is empty.  What now?

Hopefully we have more available for you!  We try to make sustainable choices with everything we do here at Meadows Honey Homestead - so we offer a jar/bottle return program.  If you return one of our product containers in good condition (no damage, with lid, etc.) we will give you $1 off your next purchase of any regularly priced item.